Basic version

The basic version of the app will contain:

sharing Sharing

Feel fre to share you review of any book which you listened in our app. You can write some words about the book and place a „star review“.


Do you want to have a list of your favourite book? Make it!


Bookmarks can in principle replace „stickers“, which are very popular among readers at this time. In the future, we plan to expand this feature with „sharing stickers between friends“.


Tags can be used for your needs as „creating your own library“ or sorting books by genre, read 2021, TOP 2021 and others…


Volume adjustment based on frequency

Month overview

Quick overview, which book did you read in each month, how did you rated it, which book was the longest, which book was the worst and more.

List of chapters

Listing of chapters.

Dark mode

If you are among those who like to „saving“ their display and have the dark mode set permanently, we believe that you will appreciate the „dark mode“ function that our application offers. Goodbye gray!

We are also planning to extend the basic version of new features. So you can look forward to it!