About us

It will be a year since we started to developing a new application for listening audiobooks.

Why did we choose this particular focus?
We’ve been looking for an application for a long time that could not only play an audio track, but also have a few other cool features that users would appreciate. But sice we did not find any, we decided to develop our own app!

The application will be in two versions, but you do not have to worry, we also plan to add cool features to the basic version that other app do not have. The extended version will be available for a symbolic price (and other super features) for those of you, who will want to support us in the development.

We will be happy for your feedback and if you have an unfulfilled dream in a form of a feature that you that you are missing in the application, share it with us and we will be happy to add it to the next update! 🙂

Where you can find us?

You can find us on Instagram, where we will publish all hot features which will be in the app soon!